3d stories

Origami paper folding has long been a traditional art form, but now researchers at the University of Texas at Austin have been inspired to use paper folding as a way to test for diseases. The idea expands on existing paper sensor tests, but the folding allows it to detect more complex substances and diseases.
Going to see a 3D movie is already a pricier proposition than seeing a traditional movie, but it looks like it might get more expensive. You see, studios have been footing the bill for the 3D glasses they hand out in theaters. But that's about to change.
When this was first reported, a lot of blogs (look here and here) — DVICE included — picked up on this story with the same slant. That is to say, harp on Samsung for stating the obvious, and then leave it at that. Turns out, when you actually read the company's report, things get a lot more interesting. -Ed