3d printers stories

The 3D printing revolution is upon us — with people printing everything from new jaw implants to entire museum collections. Surely NASA's cranking stuff out left and right? Well, sort of. NASA has been experimenting with special 3D printers for years now, but has only recently tested the equipment in parabolic flight. That means space could be the next step
Even your most advanced toaster won't ask that much of you these days. No matter what you're browning, it all boils down to lowering that lever and knowing that something is about to get toasty. So, how do you make a complex piece of technology such as a 3D printer easy enough for everyone to use, like a toaster? Well, to start, you focus around a one-button design. There are 3D printers on the way that want you to be able to start fabricating cool stuff just like that — just with one button. For the most part, it really can be that easy. Here we preview 3D System's forthcoming Cube 3D printer, which is looking toward a nearer-than-you-think future where 3D fabrication is commonplace and something anyone can do.
Easter: the one day a year you don't have to hide the fact that eating a giant chocolate-shaped animal for breakfast is delightful. And this Easter, you can follow that gluttonous breakfast by purchasing a printer that will allow you to create giant chocolate-shaped animals (or any chocolates) whenever you want.