3D glasses stories

A lot of people do not really like 3D movies. But with many new movies, seeing them without 3D isn't really an option. Enter 2D glasses, which strip the 3D out of 3D movies for your viewing pleasure.
We await two potentially seminal technology events this week — Verizon's official debut of LTE on Dec. 5 and the release of Avatar on 3D Blu-ray (so far available only with the past or present purchase of a Panasonic 3D HDTV). Each should presage a new age in their respective next-gen standards. Cellphones with 4G should be all the rage in about a year — perhaps the long-rumored Verizon iPhone will be LTE. But the eventual release of Avatar 3D may be too late to save 3D HDTV, especially the way Best Buy is — or, more appropriately, is not — selling it. See how Best Buy is bah, humbugging 3D HDTV after the jump.