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No, you're not supposed to be doing party drugs, but it turns out that one such drug could actually help those suffering from depression. That drug would be ketamine, known to the young folks as Special K. Before you go out and order a boatload of Special K, it's important to read on.
They say sex is the most powerful incentive. I'm not sure who "they" are, exactly, but turns out they're wrong, at least when it comes to Internet-Age folks. Those same folks (probably) also say cigarettes are the most addictive thing on earth. Wrong-o. Turns out, social media can replace both those things.
Lasers are becoming more ubiquitous in our daily life, which is great for strong proponents of laser tag (who tend to be 11 years old) but not so much for pilots. In fact, people shooting lasers at airplanes and helicopters has gotten so bad, the FBI has created a special task force to deal with it.
Individuals with dyslexia, which is one in ten people according to the International Dyslexia Association, have an understandably difficult time with most web pages. Since most pages are text-based, those with dyslexia have a harder time processing them. So Aberlardo Gonzalez decided to create a free font to change this.
While this might not be the most groundbreaking news you've ever heard, it does shine a light to the state of our online relationships. Mostly the fact that we consider them relationships. Turns out, the more you use Facebook, the more likely you are to ruminate and become depressed when someone unfriends you.