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Travis M. Andrews is a journalist based in Washington, D.C., and New Orleans. He has written for Time, The Atlantic, Salon, Washingtonian Magazine and The Times-Picayune. He's a regular arts contributor for The Washington Post Express. When he was younger, he wrote on his mother's walls. She was displeased. For more about Travis, please visit

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After the iPhone 5 was released, Samsung's Galaxy S III saw a rise in sales, suggesting that people were waiting to compare the two new smartphones (and many chose the Galaxy). Well, now numbers have been released that show Apple has lost brand loyalty for the first time since the original iPhone's release.
Sex might be a problem for folks hanging out in outer space, but it can also be difficult for women with female orgasmic disorder i.e. the female equivalent of erectile dysfunction. There hasn't been much in the way of a female Viagra, but tests on a possible sex-drive drug for women have begun in Australia and Canada.
Fonts have stronger psychological effects than most people probably realize. Recently, a font was created to help those with dyslexia read webpages. And now font-research has found its way into politics. Turns out, hard-to-read fonts make people more moderate.
We all know bees can sting. We recently began discussing the fact that some drink your tears. And since Halloween is just around the corner, this seems like a great time to let you know the following: researchers have found that honey bees can bite, as well — and this is actually good news!
Lithium, the element that is often used as a medication to battle bi-polar disorder and to power most laptop and phone batteries, is not the most ubiquitous element on the planet. Hence the price of our batteries. Japanese researchers, though, may have discovered a way to use sugar to power batteries.