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Travis M. Andrews is a journalist based in Washington, D.C., and New Orleans. He has written for Time, The Atlantic, Salon, Washingtonian Magazine and The Times-Picayune. He's a regular arts contributor for The Washington Post Express. When he was younger, he wrote on his mother's walls. She was displeased. For more about Travis, please visit

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About one year ago, our very own Eileen Marable wrote about a quartet of robots, Wave Gliders, that were attempting to cross the Pacific Ocean. One pair was headed to Japan, and the other was looking to vacation in Australia. Of the four, one finally reached its destination. Papa Mau made it to Australia.
Verdict's still out on flying and pulling robust white men in big red suits, but reindeer have recently been discovered to have a pretty cool power of sorts: they can see in UV. Well, not that they can see in UV, but that they do see the world in UV.
I've long suspected grasshoppers had a mental edge over us, and they've proven it once again. All of us urban city-dwellers have had our fair share of trouble hearing conversational tidbits from an alluring member of the opposite sex over the roaring traffic. Grasshoppers are no different, so they changed their courting songs to deal with the rumble of city life.