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Aberporth is a Welsh city whose name doesn't come up terribly often in the tech press. That might change as a small civilian-owned airport transforms itself into a center for UAV (read: Drone) innovation.
Gaming on smartphones can be a pain. Many games and even entire genres need buttons that smartphones have long since evolved beyond, but simulate poorly. Power A's MOGA controller looks to bridge the gap.
The Delta Six is a gun controller that promises to make first-person shooters a whole lot more literal. Joining Kickstarter on Friday, the gun controller will be compatible with current consoles (sub the Wii U in for the Wii) and even the Ouya. An $89 pledge will net you your very own Delta Six.
The Copyright Alert System (CAS) aims to identify pirates, notify their ISPs and then use a six-step process to "educate" users about copyright law and legal alternatives to piracy. That doesn't sound so bad on paper; a closer look reveals an intrusive, if polite, new partner in the relationship between consumer and ISP.