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Hulu made a name for itself as an online TV portal, and now it's adding a channel dedicated to game trailers, reviews and other related content. Access to the channel is free on the Web, though the streaming service plans to roll it out for Hulu Plus, too, which commands a subscription fee.
EA and BioWare have announced that Star Wars: The Old Republic is moving to a free-to-play model. The struggling MMO launched in December of last year with 1.7 million subscribers. That number fell below the seven figure mark in August, prompting a re-think of the subscription model.
Researchers at Virginia Tech have asserted that the LTE signal for an area as wide as a city could be disrupted with radio equipment that costs as little as $650. The researchers go on to say that LTE is especially vulnerable to disruption when compared to older 2G and 3G networks.
Areaware has something fresh on its hands with Finn Magee's Flat Life Light and Flat Life Clock. Both the lamp and clock work as you would expect them to, despite their almost totally flat profile. We spoke with the designer of the striking pieces to see what inspired the series.
"Fifi," the last flying Boeing B-29 Superfortress, has been grounded because of engine failure. The plane traveled regularly for appearances and at airshows and museums. A crowd-funded campaign has begun, in hopes of raising the $250,000 necessary to put Fifi back in flight.
In Kenya, two-thirds of people, mostly the poor, use phone-based money-transfers. A new report from iHub, a Kenyan tech incubator, is beginning to show that Kenyans are willing to forgo public transit for the day, or skip a meal to be able to use their phone for economic purposes later.