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Sign language is a versatile tool for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. But the more specific and technical words and phrases become, the more complicated it can be for the language to keep pace. To fix this, students and educators are getting together and wikifying the process of creating brand new signs for science.
A growing body of evidence is suggesting that genetics has a subtle but measurable influence on our political views. While our genes can't fill out our ballots for us, the relative position of a person on a liberal to conservative scale may be somewhat predictable through genes. This is called genopolitics.
We love drooling over the latest Lumia or Droid or iPhone, but we tend to forget about the low-end of the smartphone market. Nokia's latest effort, the Lumia 620, is aimed squarely at the developing world. The Windows Phone 8-equipped device has quite a bit of value packed in, especially for just $250 off-contract.
Last week, the Syrian government shut down the Internet across its entire country. Last year, the Mubarak regime did the same thing in Egypt. Renesys, an authority on Internet infrastructure and security, has published an informal report on the risk other countries face of similar occurrences of total Internet disconnection.