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DARPA's Wound Stasis program launched in 2010 and is bearing impressive fruit. Wound stasis is meant to stanch internal bleeding and would be aided by a new foam that conforms to the victim's abdominal cavity. Pre-clinical trials showed improved survival rates for lethal liver injuries that are up to three hours old, from 8% to a whopping 72%.
In what we know is a real story, Syrian rebels have made a leap of necessity in their struggle against the government of Bashar al-Assad. The Al-Ansar brigade has built a functioning tank that will supposedly withstand 23 mm cannon fire. It will return fire in a way we are familiar with: with a PlayStation controller.
Nintendo's Wii U eShop is blocking users from purchasing PEGI-18 (things that would be rated M for Mature over here in the States) in Europe for twenty hours of the day. You can't buy games or even access trailers until Nintendo is apparently satisfied that every single minor in Europe is fast asleep.