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Sony's strategy of interoperability between the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Vita is starting to look like it'll turn out poorly for the Vita. While on the surface the strategy has its perks, for the consumer, it can be prohibitively expensive. How many people really believe that a second-screen gaming experience is worth buying new hardware for? Look at PlayStation All-Stars — it's the same game on PS3 and Vita, and allows you to play seamlessly on the couch or on the go with a save file that lives in Sony's cloud. It should be obvious that there are few fans enthusiastic enough to buy two copies of All-Stars so that they can play on the road with the same save file. This speaks to a worrying trend where the Vita ends up subordinated to the PS3, rather than enjoying a dedicated software library enabled by its truly unique hardware.
Engineers and students at the Naval Postgraduate School in Southern California are building drones, launching systems, and the necessary software to create a force of up to fifty unmanned aircraft capable of dogfighting. That would add a new layer to drone warfare, where drones capably engage one another.
Last night on Nintendo Direct, the Japanese giant confirmed an earlier Nikkei report, revealing a much larger, and much more round 3DS. The new machine features a larger everything: the top screen clocks in at 4.88 inches, and the bottom at a respectable 4.18 inches. Up from the 3.53-inch top screen and 3.02-inch lower screen on the original 3DS. The good news is that Nintendo hasn't given us long to wait for the new system.
Halo 4 has been a known quantity for some time now. The burning question now has more to do with the developer than the game. Can Microsoft-owned 343 Industries match or exceed Bungie, the creators of the Halo series? At this year's E3, Microsoft drew back the curtain on the multiplayer modes in Halo 4, and we were there to check it out.
Microsoft's impressive SmartGlass has been billed by many as a shot across Nintendo's bow. After all, even if the Wii U operates on wholly different technology and software, the end result is remarkably similar. However, at E3, we were able to learn that the Wii U will retain at least one potent advantage over SmartGlass. That is, the ability to play full-scale titles on the second screen.
With Call of Duty: Black Ops II the series is moving into the near future in a big way. While UAVs and autonomous rovers were featured prominently in early titles (especially in multiplayer), in Black Ops II, you'll fend off entire drone armies — and use them to your advantage, too. We caught up with the game's director, Dave Anthony, about drone technology, weaponry and the moral and ethical concerns of having machines take a human life. He told us about five fearsome drones you'll come across as you play the game: the lumbering CLAW, agile aerial interceptors that go nose-to-nose with fighter jets, familiar quadrocopters and more.