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The cleverly named Thermite is a small firefighting robot that does jobs humans can't, or at least probably shouldn't do. While there can be no doubt that Thermite is cute for a robot, we have yet to learn if it will also displace firefighters from their traditional role on office calendars.
You probably haven't received a text message from a cow lately. If you had, you could be in for an (unpleasant?) surprise. The new system, developed for the immense Swiss dairy industry, lets farmers maintain a direct SMS connection with a device implanted into a cow's genitals.
Tumblr, detecting an acute sense of election fatigue, has brought together an Avengers-style elite group of GIF-makers to cover the three upcoming presidential debates, as well as the singular vice presidential debate. This group of professional GIF-makers will assemble at at the prescribed times to cover the political bloodshed.
When Sony and Phillips ushered in the birth of the compact disc thirty years ago, the world was a very different place. The country where the first CD was pressed was called West Germany, and the world somehow entertained itself without Super Mario Brothers or Reddit.
Quakecon's headlining event is the Bring-Your-Own-Computer (BYOC) LAN party. It's the largest annual LAN party in North America. This year's event brought nearly 3,000 machines together to share a two-gigabit connection in the Dallas Hilton Anatole. Besides the good games and good people, the BYOC also brings out the more creative types. There were a few amazing computer case-mods at this year's show. On the final day of the show, sponsor Modders-Inc brought seven incredible mods together, and we got to get up close with the one-of-a-kind machines.
In a journalistic sphere that's prone to hyperbole, the term "game changer" is one we hear too damn often. Then again, the opportunity to play Doom 3: BFG Edition in a 3D VR headset doesn't come along terribly often. At Quakecon, that's exactly what we got to do. Sitting down with John Carmack, id Software's Co-Founder and Technical Director, is an experience in itself. Carmack is a living legend who is credited, along with his team at id, for making first person shooters a thing with Wolfenstein 3D. Even as he approaches his 42nd birthday, his aura is that of a whiz kid whose enthusiasm is unmatchable. At Quakecon, Carmack showed us an engineering prototype of the Oculus Rift, the wildly successful Kickstarter project started by Palmer Luckey and the rest of Oculus.