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To get a perfect view of Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada, the only logical thing to do was to construct a cantilevered glass viewing platform. So Canadian firm Sturgess Architecture did just that — overlooking the Columbian Icefields. The valley is nice and all, but…have you seen this walkway?
With the advent of digital cameras, light graffiti and night photography have become much more popular…and Trevor Williams' spectacularly quirky "paintings" are just one example we love. Take a look at these breathtaking images for clues on how this self-described "camera freak" created each shot.
We've heard a lot about the decline of bees in recent years. And while the causes are not yet fully understood, a group of people in England came up with a solution: a "refueling and nesting center" for bees. That's right, just like that bird feeder in your yard, this little contraption will help bees survive when they can't find a natural habitat.
Here's a lovely shot of the Milky Way courtesy of astrophotographer Juan Carlos Casado. Taken in Spain's Canary Islands, Casado mashed nine different photographs together to create this masterpiece — not to mention a totally unique view of our galaxy.
Are you eagerly awaiting the release of the iPhone 5? Well, what better way to keep the anticipation going than with some good old fashioned rumors. Will it have a 3D display? A physical keyboard? Check out the infographic below to see which updates might actually make the cut.