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11-year-old Hannah J. Wyman designed a video game for Microsoft's first-ever U.S. Kodu Cup competition — and won. Download Hannah's game, "Toxic", here…but first, check out a sample of her game in the video below (it even won her a trip to the White House).
Emil Johansson of Gothenburg, Sweden decided to create an interactive family tree of LOTR characters in his spare time — and it took this dedicated fan six years to complete his project. But, behold, the awesomest catalog of Middle Earth residents all in one accessible spot (check it out here).
Two weeks ago, Google announced a new privacy policy that is scheduled to go into effect on March 1. This controversial decision has folks around the world fired up about online privacy. Check out the infographic below to read about recent changes to online privacy and what you can do to protect yourself online.
Ten-year-old Kansas City fifth grader, Clara Lazen, has been published in a major chemistry journal. Why? Well, Clara was building molecules during science class and created something entirely new. Her teacher sent a picture of Clara's work to his chemist friend at Humboldt State University in California, who then published a paper about it in the January edition of Computational and Theoretical Chemistry.