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There isn't really a perfect pen out there. Some prefer the control of a ballpoint; a few may like the give of a felt-tip; others still may opt for a pen that can write in space. For 22-year-old engineer Ian Schon, none of the options on the table were for him. So what is an enterprising young tinkerer to do? Why, design his own pen, of course!
New York photographer Danny Evans could have made a killing cooking up images for tabloids. He recently started a project whereby he takes some of today's biggest names — such as Jay-Z and Beyonce, seen above — and edits them to look like "they were never famous." In the words of Sammy Sosa, "It's so real!"
iRobot doesn't just make robotic vacuum cleaners. The company also works on 'bots for military and research applications. Now iRobot wants to edge its way into the world's hospitals with a telepresence system that would let the right physician for the job connect with a patient anywhere in the world.
We can't help but feel that designer Marianna Merenmies is teasing us a little bit with her McLaren JetSet concept. After all, don't those rear wheel housings look suspiciously like wings? We think so, but apparently Merenmies is after a super light, super sleek one-seater city car for the world of tomorrow.
Astronaut Neil Armstrong took the photo above 43 years ago to the day on July 20, 1969. It was his first snap after setting foot on the surface of the moon. Soon after, Buzz Aldrin would also climb down from the Apollo 11 lunar module, called Eagle, and the pair would become the first humans to walk on a celestial body other than Earth.
Since it was first announced, the fervor over the Ouya console has been crazy. Like over $5 million worth of crazy. Now, Ouya has secured its first exclusive game, one that comes from a video game industry heavyweight and is all about zombies.
Sure, you can slap a battery-driven motor on the gears of a bicycle and call it an e-bike, but that's ignoring all of the other great stuff you can cram in there once you go electric. The Faraday Porteur, designed by Adam Vollmer and currently rising on Kickstarter, is one e-bike that's not afraid to let its electric side shine.
NASA-led scientists are busily prepping a menu that future explorers of Mars will be able to take advantage of. Whereas space nosh for orbit is whipped up following tight constraints and is typically bland, NASA research-chefs are able to boldly explore new territory in the realm of interstellar eats.