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Well, Apple went and did it. It was long rumored, and now here it is: a smaller iPad. Alongside the Mini, Apple also slipped out a fourth generation iPad that's twice as fast as the iPad 3. Here are the deets on both.
Look, I'm all for robots getting jobs. I've still got that old-timey futurist bug in me that hopes perfecting autonomy will deliver the human race unto an age of infinite leisure. Did we have to give up gazing at clouds so early, though? What I'm saying is this: I'm pretty dang jealous of this robot.
If there was ever a time to do a big-budget stop-motion Lego Batman movie, it's now. Right here's an enormous Batcave, built by two men. Standing shoulder to shoulder, as you'll see in the gallery below, their creation is wider than the both of them combined. Editor's Note: We'd like to give a shout out to this amazing tweet here, which immensely improves on our headline.
We cover a lot of concepts, often deliberately ridiculous. Not so that they'll never exist, but to make you think: why not build "earthscrapers" that pierce deep into the Earth? We first saw the ridiculously great Ostrich Pillow last year, and now, after a successful Kickstarter, it's being made into a fully realized product.