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We currently think that the universe is some 13.7 billion years old. With that in mind, the zoomed-in cutaway above is pointing to a very, very distant galaxy, which we've observed 420 million years after the big bang. That means the light we're seeing from it spent 13.3 billion years traveling through the cosmos. Whoa.
Today's umbrella provides some welcome portable storage and collapses down into a tube, and despite designs to the contrary, we've used the same shade-on-a-stick approach for centuries. Is there a better way? For designers Lin Min-Wei and Liu Li-Hsiang, a shield replaces the familiar dome, and it all breaks down into a disc instead of a cylinder.
Erin Kennedy, better known by her robot-building alter ego "RobotGrrl," is on a mission to not only get kids and novices excited about robotics, but give them a place to start, too. Kennedy is kicking off a humble crowd-funding campaign to help her project get off the ground, and it's not hard to see why she's already well on her way.
I grew up playing Zelda. A Link to the Past doubled as my favorite storybook, and I spent my time away from the game dreaming about what it'd be like to adventure like Link — or "Kevin," as the game lets you pick your own name. The character was mine, and now a father is going to great lengths to ensure his daughter can have that same experience.
If artist Mads Peitersen ran the world, I wouldn't be telling you about the iPad Mini, but instead the new bioPhone 5, with a dual-valve processor and twice the intestinal track length of previous generations. Also, Apple now covers cracked bioPhone ribs under Apple Care. It's a bold new world!