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Shake your head back and forth. Did you feel like you were making an absolutely insane looking expression? Probably not, but, as you'll see in this video (which would make a great screensaver), viewed in slow motion you would have — most likely, just for a moment — appeared rather silly.
Designer Daniel Dobrogorsky envisions a future where no matter where you are or the scale of the emergency, medical teams will be able to get to your location in 60 seconds. How? By flying around in a single-seater VTOL jet, the nose of which opens up to serve as a stretcher. He calls this life-saving vehicle the Skyway.
Geeks can be pretty hard to shop for, we know. What one geek loves, the next has no interest in. This year, we're trying to cover as many eclectic tastes as we can, including the 3D printers out there, the DIYers, space nuts, Internet tricksters and more. Here you'll find all the DVICE Gift Guides from 2012.
What you see above is a human body. A naked human body, in fact. Japanese photographer Shinichi Maruyama, who has taken some curiously gorgeous shots of nothing but water, didn't use fancy tricks to get the effect you see here, but rather created a composite out of thousands of images to convey a form in motion.
Here's a decent idea: Nintendo is rolling out a barebones, $99.99 Wii Mini to pick up any stragglers who didn't buy one of the 97 million Wiis sold to date. Here's a bad idea: Nintendo may only release the Wii Mini in Canada in time for the holidays.
Steam has fired up another of its infamous sales, the simply named "Steam Autumn Sale," which lasts from today through November 27. For PC players, it's a fairly familiar shot to the wallet, though not an unwelcome one — Steam discounts games deeply and changes what's on offer every day. Bear in mind, that means the prices you see here could change, too. That's why we're putting two games on watch — we think they're great, but they're also new and may not go on sale.