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The holidays, then, are the perfect excuse for the true DIY enthusiast to share their basement engineering feats with the whole neighborhood, nay, the world! And keeping with the tradition of homemade seasonal tech, we decided to scour the DIY webspace to find the most seriously high-tech DIY Christmas ornaments. Here, we present the projects— for electronics amateur and auteur alike— that will transform a traditional (read: boring) Christmas tree into something truly geektastic.
Americans will spend the next few weeks angrily debating whether they should pull a little lever marked "D" or "R." Hope everyone has fun with that. However, if current trends hold true, deciding who heads the executive branch of even this most powerful nation in the world may one day be as quaint as that old question: "Blu-ray or HD-DVD?" As technology improves, governments become less necessary. This is true. In fact, we may right now be seeing the signs of a wholly post-patriotic world. Sound out there? It's not unthinkable.
In some parts of the world (we're looking at you, east Asia), video game competitions gather the same attention, accolades, and drama as traditional put-the-ball-in-the-hole sports. As another summer Olympics come to pass, some industry insiders are asking if video games will ever rise to the prominence of traditional, non-virtual sports.
As Android zips past iOS as the mobile platform of the masses, it has mirrored Windows' role in the PC-Mac wars in two ways: 1) its open strategy has allowed it to become far more widespread and 2) due to its ubiquity, it has become the target of choice for hackers, criminals, and other assorted nefarious codemonkeys.
Science is hard at work developing ever more freaky robots to take over the world. To that end, DARPA, in partnership with private-public-hybrid Sandia National Laboratories, has developed a "cost-effective" modular robot hand that is scarily close to mimicking a human hand's movements.
We're all familiar with lasers, those amplified beams of light that brighten our Motley Crue concerts, scan our groceries and help us not look like such nerds by removing the need for our big stupid glasses. Just kidding; we love big stupid glasses. You know what else is cool? Some all-new room-temperature masers.