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Evan Ackerman

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Evan Ackerman is a native Oregonian who now lives, somewhat unwillingly, in San Francisco. He has a background in creative writing and astrogeology, neither of which are necessarily appropriate for someone who is now a full-time blogger. Evan also writes for IEEE Spectrum's robotics blog, and when he's not parked at his computer with his eyes glazed over, you can find him getting injured on a soccer field or playing bagpipes excellently.

While Europe is planning to take the drastic and awesome leap of banning all gas-powered vehicles by 2050, President Obama wants to take a much smaller step in the same general direction by requiring all new government vehicles run on clean energy by the year 2015. But if you're looking for a fleet of new Tesla Roadsters with "USA" on the sides, you're going to be out of luck.
Boing Boing cut together 70 (by my count) classic video game deaths in this two minute video, which also features a beautiful 8-bit cover of Mad World, by Tears for Fears. Come for Battlezone, stay for Mortal Kombat, and leave thankful for the pronounced lack of Battletoads.