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Evan Ackerman

Evan Ackerman is a native Oregonian who now lives, somewhat unwillingly, in San Francisco. He has a background in creative writing and astrogeology, neither of which are necessarily appropriate for someone who is now a full-time blogger. Evan also writes for IEEE Spectrum's robotics blog, and when he's not parked at his computer with his eyes glazed over, you can find him getting injured on a soccer field or playing bagpipes excellently.

Copenhagen Suborbitals launched their homebuilt, $70,000 HEAT-1X rocket for the first time today, complete with the Tycho Brahe single person standing room only spacecraft on top. After a few minor delays, everything went more or less according to plan. Well, everything except for the parachute deployment, that is.
The Hummer, once a proud symbol of extreme suburban excess, was well known for two things: being obnoxiously large, and having gas mileage inversely proportional to its size. The latest officially licensed Hummers are small electric "resort vehicles," stripping away everything anyone could want from a Hummer, except obnoxiousness.
If you're in the market for a new death ray, an important thing to consider is what you'll be able to do with it when you're not busy committing nefarious acts. One option is coffee roasting, and, if you're so inclined, you can even contribute to an open source project that's looking to create a giant mirror array capable of superheating air to 2,000 degrees.
Why bother worrying about global warming, tsunamis, floods and rising sea levels when you could just ignore it all with a house on stilts? In fact, you can actually look forward to the ice caps melting, 'cause then you get a giant swimming pool of pure glacial meltwater installed for free in your backyard. Sweet!