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We all agree that you can do a lot with augmented reality these days. You can have a creepy virtual date, or take part in a fictional conspiracy game. But if you are looking for something just plain cute and clever, we now have Sharky the Beaver, an adorable augmented reality 3D character app for the Sphero orb.
You'd have to be living under a rock not to know that Hostess has announced the death of the Twinkie this week. The media has been all over the fate of the much beloved cream filled sponge cake with the reputation of an endless shelf life. Let's face it though, nothing responds to a pop culture tragedy like the true voice of the people — the Internet.
Cocoon spaces are pretty hot right now. We've even reported on a few — those that envelope you in privacy for relaxation, theater viewing or hidden cat naps. This interesting new model seems to take the exact opposite approach — the orb is clear so we can see you, you can see us.
The European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA conducted an experiment in late October that used the "interplanetary internet" to drive an earth-bound rover. Astronaut Sunita Williams used a laptop with experimental technology called Disruption-Tolerant Networking (DTN) protocol to control the rover using a network of connection points that more effectively controls data relay.
When you are looking at better ways to make something glow, what better place to look than one of nature's signature glowing critters, the firefly? Scientists in South Korea have studied the nanostructure of the firefly's glowing belly to create a more efficient lens for LEDs that allows up to 98 percent more light to pass through.