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Here at DVICE we've followed many an augmented reality trend. We've explored creepy AR dates with Japanese schoolgirls and pop stars and gloves that allow users to manipulate 3D projects. The latest development is an augmented reality in a transparent train window, allowing the user to play with the scenery as they travel.
When it comes to creating a picture of the Earth's magnetic history, scientists have pretty good data on the strength and direction of magnetic fields in the Northern Hemisphere, thanks to the study of ancient pottery. But, for researchers looking to make a truly complete model, the problem has been the gaps in information in the southwest Pacific.
What could make frequent sparring partners Apple and Google finally come together? According to Bloomberg News, the move is part of a deal to purchase some 1,100 Kodak patents — offered as part of Kodak's bankruptcy liquidation, announced last year. The patents involve the capture, manipulation and sharing of digital images and the offer for the portfolio is estimated at $500 million.
Even though the IQ tests are the most basic ones, the news that an artificial brain can tackle them might give some people pause. Does this signal the rise of the machines? The neuroscientists working on the large-scale model simulation of the brain say this version is still pretty simple compared to the real deal, but it is valuable in helping us see and understand how our brains developed over time.
It's pretty much an accepted fact that parents are going to worry about their kids getting to the bus stop safely until they reach a certain independent age. It used to be this meant Mom or Dad walking embarrassingly close by. Those dark days are gone with the breakthrough from one high-tech Dad who rigged up a quadcopter to follow and monitor his son's progress.