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I know two things to be true. The uWave — a microwave oven that plays videos and has it's own Twitter account — is a completely non-essential purchase. I also know that as soon as it actually hits shelves I will be the first to buy one.
Harvard has successfully demonstrated a collective of quarter-sized robots that operate with "swarming" behaviors — such as formation, control and synchronization. Once activated, they are autonomous and do not require human interaction to control their activity.
The first step is acceptance. Finding a great gift for your gal is really hard. There is probably not one woman alive who hasn't experienced the panicked and shifty-eyed stares of a gift giver who came up with an "under pressure" gift of fuzzy socks or a crockpot for the holidays. I understand how it happens. You waited too late, had no clue or you gave her something she said needed instead of wanted. Those gifts just aren't much fun; it's an epic fail and you know it. Think of me as your concierge of cool gifts this year. C'mon, you know your girl. She's a gadget and game loving-fun-tech-freak like you. Together we can pull off some gifts that will both delight her, and relieve you. Everyone should be happy during the holidays. So boys, take notes — and ladies, don't be afraid to drop this list on your man as a little hint.
So you took your lady friend to see Thor and she just wouldn't shut up about Chris Hemsworth's buff turn as the Norse God himself. Sure — if you had a few hours swinging that hammer around you'd look strapping too. Well, it's time to man up.