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Don't judge me. Everyone back in the '90s had a Tamagotchi digital pet. I wasn't alone; you probably did too (and you know who you are). 78 million of the needy, pooping pixelated pets had us catering to their every need as we put down our analog pet rocks to go digital. Now they're back.
Puzzle and security freaks will love the new Crypteks physically lockable USB device. The USB storage is located inside a housing with five rings on the outside, each set with the 26 letters of the alphabet. Twist to your code and you've unlocked your USB. With 26 letters and five rings, you'll have whopping 14,348,907 possible passwords. Now that's security!
Great Britain's agency of intelligence experts, the GCHQ (or Government Communications Headquarters, the self-described "center for Her Majesty's Government's Signal Intelligence") has come up with a surefire way to recruit the most talented fledgling spies. Challenge them to crack an online code game via the website called "Can you crack it."
Before the jokes start, a zero gravity washing machine is not just another government boondoggle. Spare a thought for the poor astronauts who often spend months at a time on the International Space Station (ISS). Given that space is at a premium and regular resupply is not an option, that's a lot of stinky socks and underwear.
We know you can't embrace technology enough, and we wouldn't want you to be left behind this holiday season. Here's a list of some special items designed to make the tech life of your and yours a little easier, or at least more interesting. (Just a note: some of these items are custom made so you'll have to inquire for information on pricing and delivery.)
Two pairs of self-propelled robots called Wave Gliders recently launched from San Francisco on a course that'll see them collectively covering almost 38,000 miles of the Pacific. If they reach their destinations in Japan and Australia, they could set the world record for the longest distance traveled by an unmanned vehicle.