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It's estimated 10 million travelers the world over were thrown into chaos in 2010 when Iceland's Eyjafjallajõkull volcano erupted unleashing a giant ash clouds that circled the globe. Planes were grounded amidst fears the ash could be sucked into the turbines causing engine failure.
Becoming a swollen red giant is the future of our sun when it begins to exhaust its fuel on its way to death. Recently, data from the hardworking Kepler telescope recorded seismic shakes or "starquakes" on the surface of a red giant that led to the intriguing discovery their cores spin faster than their surface.
Remember a while back when we wrote about the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence's (SETI) Allen Telescope Array (ATA) was shut down due to lack of funding? It seems the government wasn't keen on supporting the search for our interstellar neighbors, so SETI turned to you for help. Guess what guys…we did it! The Allen Array is back in business!
Everyone knows that to lead a good protest you need a megaphone to fire up the group. To date however, the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement has been confounded in this practice by strict New York City laws requiring permits to amplify sound. Fortunately, crafty hackers seem to love OWS — and so the Inhuman Microphone app was born.
There is something mesmerizing about watching these quadrotor-robots hover and precisely place blocks in neat patterns to create a structure over 19 feet tall. These flying robots are cool, but one day they could also have practical applications.