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A different kind of sustainable architecture has reached to remote Loita, Kenya, where a new computer learning center and library blending modern planning and traditional Masaai decoration is now standing. Incredibly, the stunning artwork decorating the building was created from bottle caps donated from around the world after appeals went out via social media.
With so many new ways of disposing of cremated remains, space burials may seem old news. It could undergo a renaissance if legislators in the state of Virginia have their way. They are reportedly considering a bill that provides an income tax deduction for those who choose to go orbital.
Antonio Stradivari's violins are considered the greatest ever made. Rare not only because just 650 out of 1,000 of his violins remain, but also because the tone they emit has never been replicated in other violins. New computer tomography has been used to harmlessly probe an existing Stradivarius to unlock its secrets and replicate it.