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Current U.S. immigration and work visa rules can be so challenging that foreign students, workers and entrepreneurs have to head to other countries to fulfill their high-tech dreams. Now, a California startup is proposing to stem the tide of the brain drain by docking a residence vessel in international waters 12 miles off the coast of San Francisco.
Sure, the guidebooks call it a "must visit" while in Paris, but how much street cred does the Louvre really have? Apparently not so much. Even they think they need some help with the young folk, so they've enlisted Nintendo to provide 5,000 3DSs to act as interactive guides
If you've ever been hospitalized and sent home to recover, you know it can be overwhelming. Now imagine it from a child's point of view. Children's Hospital Boston is now piloting a program to send telepresence robots home with post-op patients. The robots will allow for ongoing communication, observation and care to ease recovery from the familiar comfort of home.
We all know we shouldn't throw light bulbs or batteries in the trash, but how to recycle them often remains a mystery. One option is the boxes at big chain stores, but soon a safer and more enticing solution may be available: deposit them in a reverse vending machine and receiving an immediate reward for your trouble!
Gaming while commuting isn't new. But, imagine taking it beyond furtively crouching over a smartphone or 3DS and making video games integral to the commuting experience. A new concept being floated envisions just that; a gaming system built directly into the safety straps commonly found on trains and buses.
It's been nine months after the tsunami and earthquake destroyed the Fukushima nuclear power plant, and still no one knows how bad the radioactive contamination is. Radiation levels are expected to still be off the charts, and scientists at Fukushima University are planning to use wild monkeys to find out via specially outfitted collars.
Commercial cockpits are about to get much lighter beginning this Friday, according insiders. The Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) has apparently just given American Airlines the thumbs up to start using the iPad to replace the large, paper based flight bags pilots traditionally carry.