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Residents of Birmingham, Alabama woke last Friday to skies that looked more like an ocean, with a series of huge "wave" shaped crests rolling slowly across the sky. Experts have now explained the phenomenon as perfect examples of "Kelvin-Helmholtz" waves, when a fast layer moves over a slower layer and drags the top along creating a curled shape.
Angry Birds has reached into just about every corner of known society - and have even invaded the International Space Station. So, it stands to reason that someone, somewhere would create an Angry Birds themed holiday light display. If there is more than one (and we wouldn't be surprised), then Ric Turner, a former Disney Imagineer wins the prize for going the distance and making it playable
This happened a little while ago, but it's going around again and we love it, so here it is.. A lively young tot, under the supervision of his father*, ties a string to his tooth and the other end to his Nerf Big Bow gun. After some brief discussion of potential pain factor, you almost miss the big moment of actual extraction.
Meteorites traveling towards the surface of Mars can often be traveling at several times the speed of sound as they hit the planet's thin atmosphere. A new study of images taken from NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) suggests the hurtling rocks trigger shockwaves that roll through the air actually triggering avalanches on the dusty surface before they strike.
Future X-Factor and American Idol stars can rest easy in the knowledge scientists have been working tirelessly to take out the guesswork in what makes a hit song. They've developed a software program that can predict chart positions with about 60% accuracy.