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Thanks to NASA's trusty Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), we now have some amazing shots of the inside of the lunar crater Aristarchus. It's one of the brightest spots on the moon's surface and while it can be seen by the naked eye on a good night, the LRO was able to get just 16 miles above it and give us some new views.
Further proof that iPads are everywhere has emerged. Orangutans at the Milwaukee Zoo have been given donated iPads via the Apps for Apes program, and have taken to them naturally. Favorite apps? They love drawing, playing the drums and above all — checking each other out. One guy even cozies up to David Attenborough documentaries. Go ahead. You can collectively say, "Awww..."
Pollution glue may sound like a joke, but it is real and it's being deployed in London in a bid to clean up one of Europe's dirtiest cities. The glue is really a dust suppressant solution sprayed on some of the city's busiest streets to keep airborne particulates to a minimum.
As cities across the globe stretch their limits to meet the needs of seven billion people, often wildlife habitats are displaced along the way. Fortunately, there are those who are thinking about innovative ways to create new environments to preserve wildlife. One such idea is the "Sea Tree," a giant self-sustaining eco-structure designed to rise out water, serving as a haven for flora and fauna only.
The Large Hadron Collider is like the supermodel of physics — larger than life and photographed a million times. Many people aren't exactly sure what its for and it's always upstaging the other science news. It's no surprise that a device with that much personality has become iconic enough to inspire a Lego homage.
Some guys just need a hobby. Qu Zhibo from China's Sichuan Province is one of those guys — he's spent the last three years cobbling together a miniature vehicle that is dubbed a "knock off " Hummer. Amazingly he only spent about 4,000 yuan ($600 USD) to do it.