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This crack in the universe hanging on a Dr. Who fan's bedroom wall is so realistic you could be forgiven while in a moment of daydreaming, for thinking the good Doctor might just peer out one day. Added cool factor? It's completely handmade.
It was a scientific breakthrough when a Russian team broke through some 12,365 ft. of ice to tap Lake Vostok, buried under Antarctica for 14 million years last February. The U.S. and Great Britain soon followed with efforts to tap into similar buried lakes in the hopes of finding ancient forms of life. Sadly on Christmas Day, the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) announced the shuttering of their operations due to technical problems.
Apparently, there are men out there who don't like to shop. The problem is serious enough that several stores are tackling the issue on how to make shopping easier to get men what they need without all the usual difficulties. The latest effort comes from a Seattle based store, Hointer that uses QR codes to guide men to the perfect pair of jeans.