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Here at DVICE, we sometimes like to take our eyes away from the cutting edge of technology and reminisce about what was and might have been. Often as not, things are invented that could have altered the course of history (for instance: the Tesla Coil), yet these attempts fall by the wayside. Whether that's because of an insane competitor (I'm looking at you, Edison!), lack of funding or just not reaching the tipping point of public approval, these inventions languish in the forgotten corners of history. Until, that is, we unearth them! Now — I could run on about Tesla, or the numerous failed flying contraptions we see every year in the Flugtag — and sure those are interesting — but why not take a gander at a subject with a bit more firepower?! I'm talkin' boomsticks, folks! These 12 maligned peashooters could have done things, they coulda been contenders! Yet here they are: 12 forgotten firearms with designs that are truly bizarre.
We know there are are plenty of things you like about DVICE already, but there are also some things you'd like to improve. Well, now's the time to tell us what's working and what isn't, because we're about to make some changes around here. And we want to make sure they're the changes YOU want to see.
You might think that hiring Daft Punk is enough to make a film sound futuristic and "computery." But the makers of Tron Legacy actually faced the same tricky problem that the creators of the original film did: how do you decide what an entirely virtual universe set "inside" silicon computer chips should sound like? Go too natural, and it won't immerse viewers in a unique world; skew too synthetic, and the audience will laugh their way to the exits. Luckily, Disney had enough sense to trust the film's sound design to the alpha geeks at Skywalker Sound, who spent two years sampling everything from vintage synthesizers to real-world motorcycles to create Tron's signature audio effects. (They also got pretty tight with Daft Punk while they were at it.) The brain trust spoke to DVICE to give an inside look at how they updated the soundscape of Tron for 21st century audiences.
Whenever there's a big gadget announcement, we like to use the opportunity bring you breaking news via our Twitter feed… and to bestow some tech love on our readers. We held contests during the most recent Apple keynote as well as the reveal of the Nook Color. Now it's time to congratulate the winners.
Today at 4 p.m. Eastern, Barnes & Noble is holding an event, and we'll be live on the scene to bring you the news as it happens. For up-to-the-moment updates, be sure to follow us on Twitter and stand ready to refresh, refresh, refresh. Will we see a Nook Color? Almost certainly yes, but it's the details that count, and we'll have all of those.
While we were all expecting to see a new MacBook Air today, Apple still managed to slip in some surprises. All of the DVICE writers have come together to decide: does the new Air impress, or does it fall short?
Today Apple is holding its Back to the Mac event in San Francisco. Speculation, as usual, is rampant, and all eyes will be on Cupertino starting at 1 p.m. Eastern Time today. For up-to-the-minute updates, follow DVICE on Twitter, where we'll be posting updates as they happen. Better than that, we'll be giving away prizes to one lucky reader.
How does Apple do it? Every time there's a new iPhone, iPad or Mac, it seems like the only company that does gadget design right. That's an exaggeration, but it's undeniable that no other company has defined "tech sexy" the way Apple has. We asked a pair of design experts why everyone else seems to blow it.
Just what the headline says: DVICE is looking for writers in both New York and San Francisco. If you live for amazing new gadgets, great design, and big breakthroughs in technology — and have experience writing — you should pay attention. The job is challenging, but worth it. Think you have what it takes? Read on.