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Back in 1973, eternally eccentric filmmaker Woody Allen made Sleeper. Set in the year 2173, Sleeper is, to date, Allen's sole venture into overt sci-fi. A slapstick comedy, Sleeper pokes fun at other sci-fi classics, notable amongst them Fahrenheit 451 and 2001: A Space Odyssey. The political and social aspects of the film are thinly veiled 1970s sentiment, set in a dystopic inept police state. What is truly interesting is Sleeper's perspective on the progress of technology, 200 years from its production. While Woody Allen did not predict technological miniaturization, he did get a lot of things right. Was Woody Allen a tech prophet? Here's a list of technologies predicted in Sleeper that already exist, 161 years ahead of schedule.
Ah, October: the leaves are turning colors, there is a chill in the air and every now and again you get the feeling that there's someone staring at you from just beyond your field of view. Isn't it charming? Once a year we are given carte blanche to commune with the dead, to cast spells and to become the evil that we otherwise fear in the world. We let the fear in, let it dance around in our heads and give us nightmares. This year, we're digging up a few buried horrors for you, and we've called upon the spirit of the NES to conjure up some newer scares as well. From the sublimely terrifying to the ridiculous, here are 15 games full of 8-bit scares to fill your Octoberween. Click through the links to get in the spirit and play, purchase or download each of these retro scare-fests.
Man has long warred against man, bringing all manner of bloody machination to rend the opposition limb from limb. For as long as man has been capable of throwing stones, he has also brought with him all manner of beast. You will likely recall stories of courageous horses, mules, dogs and perhaps carrier pigeons, but animals have "enjoyed" far stranger uses in battle. Here, commonplace creatures have been called upon to fulfill the strangest of roles. Here's our list of the 17 strangest, most under-sung animal war heroes ever called to battle.
Back in 2000, then-President Clinton convened a panel of leading oceanographers and explorers. That panel ultimately produced a report entitled "Discovering Earth's Final Frontier". What they actually developed, outlined in that document, was the world's first and only national strategy for the exploration of the world's oceans. What might this now defunct panel have dreamed for near-future America? Might we have ventured en masse into this vast, unpopulated frontier? Could we have set up homesteads, townships and colonies in a whole new wave (you're welcome) of manifest destiny? Could we have established a fleet of exploration vessels and colonial enterprises — a modern-day, sea-faring Starfleet? Could we still? Here are 12 sea-faring designs and concepts capable of taking us home — to the sea.
Not too long ago, the interwebs were in a tizzy about Russian media mogul Dmitry Itskov's bold Russia 2045 project, which promised the human race immortality (through robot bodies) by the year 2045. Along with that proclamation came a dramatic video and a zealous timeline of events leading up to the human race's eventual death-proofing. Sometime between 2015 and 2020, the goal is the "birth of the avatar," a leap forward in robot/human interaction. Checking our calendars, 2015 isn't that far off for that magnitude of a change in the human experience, even for a project looking to bring about the birth of the "neo-human." So how close are we really to achieving it? Here are 10 robots, constructed and ready to transform society's skin.
So you wake up one day, turn on the TV… and it doesn't work. Fine. You grab your smartphone next — no service. Odd. You dig out the ol' reliable crank radio from your disaster-preparedness kit (you do have one of those don't you?), and that's when you find out: someone's finally gone and pressed the big red button. The world as you know it is gone, and the grid has gone with it. The last radio reports you hear, before they're cut off, are of roving bands of bandits heading into the cities to loot, pillage and generally cause a ruckus. Awesome. You live in the city. Your best bet on survival is to get moving, and to keep it that way. Never fear, chums: DVICE has you covered. Here are 12 mobile living concepts for your fabulous new nomadic lifestyle.
Li-Fi — that just-over-the-horizon wireless technology which could transform your everyday LED lighting fixtures into 10 Gbps wireless modems — has a lot of people talking these days. With a commercial product promised later this year and the tech already in beta, we might all be trippin' the lamplight fantastic real soon. But other than really, really awesome movie streaming speeds, what do we care? According to its inventor Harald Haas, Li-Fi offers a bundle of niche applications that regular Wi-Fi just doesn't measure up to. Here are a few of those unique benefits.