Keep work and home separate with backyard office pods

If you work from home, then you know that it can sometimes be a challenge to keep the two separate. Taking a short break can easily turn into hours because there are just so many fun distractions. And when you do finally turn that TV off, you realize just how much time you've wasted…

Anyway, Victor Vetterlein is an American designer who has created a conceptual office pod that could solve this very conundrum. They're small units that can fit in a backyard. This way, you get the convenience of home with fewer, uh, interruptions. Vetterlein calls the concept MOSS, or Micro Office Systems Space and describes his creation as a "self-contained auxiliary office unit" for working from home.

Companies interested in creating a literal work-life separation could send these pods out to their remote employees for setup in gardens, driveways, rooftops or any other available space. According to Vetterlein:

"MOSS provides each employee with a direct visual, audio, and data link to the main office and also a professional environment to hold small business meetings. The user of MOSS feels a good separation from home and work life while not having to commute to the office. The exterior of MOSS is hard edged to form a protective shell against the outside world. The 'bunker-style' birch plywood interior is by contrast "soft, warm, and welcoming."

Underfloor heating and a wood stove keep MOSS warm and solar panels on the roof provide electricity. The basic unit would not include running water or a toilet, but custom models can be upgraded to include a portable toilet, a small kitchen and a waste water tank. Explore the gallery and weigh in — would you want to work in one of these pods?

Via Dezeen

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