Why we love robots: because they can play serious heavy metal

Here at DVICE we love robots. We write about robots that can fight fires, help perform surgery and barf in the name of science. The advances made in robotics will help us in countless ways to come. But, some robots are built purely to entertain, and you've got to love them too — like this robot band that plays a sweet cover of Motörhead's Ace of Spades.

There's something just purely funny and ironic about metal robots playing heavy metal. But make no mistakes…there is some serious work behind this robot band called Compressorhead. A look at their expletive-laden website gives us a glimpse of what these metal monsters are all about.

The drummer "Stickboy" has four arms and can play a double kick equipped 14-piece Pearl drum kit. "Fingers" the guitarist has 78 hydraulic activated fingers that can play an entire fret board and pluck. That is some purpose built robot craziness.

This robot band is touring Australia and has an extensive set list that includes the Ramones, Pantera and more.Their rider? Three bags of assorted nuts, three liters of hydraulic fluid and three litres of engine oil.

It's exactly why we love robots — they can do dangerous jobs, make our lives easier and some of them can just make us rock out and laugh. Is there anything they can't do?

Compressorhead, via Gizmodo

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