Today in security: double revolving doors with sensors

We're always making (or attempting to make) strides in security, and the reasons for this are obvious. One of the newest products that promise to make our world safer is called the Linear Revolving Door, which works by keeping armed intruders out of buildings.

The door, recently patented by Barbecan Security Systems, is far more than a door. It's a series of parallel hallways that you'd build at a building's entrance. The hallways have two doors that revolve both in front of and behind a person as they enter the hallway. They slide and constantly change place, keeping pace with folks as they walk.

This creates a small room of sorts in between. In that room, sensors check for weapons (bombs and firearms). If anything is found, the doors will push the intruder back out. Take a look at this video animation of the door in action.

The company has some pretty robust boasts behind the doors. For one, it claims that "Newton could have been prevented."

Made for high-traffic areas, the company also claims the door's design will prevent bottlenecking.

Via Discovery News

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