Tobii REX bringing gaze-tracking to consumers this year

Tobii's gaze-tracking demo was the best thing we saw at CES last year. Since then, we've checked out some fancy gaze-tracking glasses that are in the works, but what we really want is a computer peripheral for consumers. Today, Tobii is announcing the REX, which looks to be exactly that.

If you don't remember why we're so excited about Tobii, you should watch our video from CES last year, but the nutshell is that Tobii's hardware and software can track your pupils with such precision that you can use your gaze in place of a mouse pointer. It's easy to be skeptical about such a claim, but we tried it for ourselves, and it works flawlessly. It's one of those rare technologies that totally feels like The Future.

So obviously, we desperately want one of these things, and Tobii has finally decided to release a peripheral that can gaze-enable any computer that you plug it into. It's called Tobii REX, and here's what we know about it so far:

  • Tobii REX is a little larger than a pen, adheres easily to the base of any computer screen, and plugs in via USB connection.
  • Tobii REX adds a selection of Tobii Gaze capabilities (Gaze Select, Gaze Scroll, Gaze Zoom and Gaze Navigate) as options for user interaction with existing user interface elements, including touch, mouse and keyboard.
  • Tobii REX Developer's Edition is available now for $995 (!), and Tobii is allocating 5,000 of the peripherals to be made available for purchase by consumers before the end of 2013.

And here's the terrible, horrible, no good very bad news: it only works on Windows 8. You may commence your tantrum.

We've got an appointment with Tobii at CES next week, so check back for some updates and a hands-on with the new stuff.

Via Tobii

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