Super Jeep merges two Wranglers into one giant off-road monster

The rich and famous will spend almost any amount of money to "pimp their rides" with the craziest themes and add-ons. But U.S. celebs have nothing on the rich oil barons and international moguls abroad, as exampled by this latest car mod that can only be described as a Super Jeep.

Discovered a couple of days ago in Morocco, this super-wide Jeep is apparently the result of taking two Jeep Wranglers and merging them into one massive vehicle that has six wheels and takes up almost two full car lanes. According to the person who posted the video, the owner of the car is some sort of local diplomat.

The more you look at the video, the more ridiculous the mutated Jeep looks, that is, until you consider the potential for rolling poker parties and the ability to stretch out for a power nap, assuming you can actually find a place to park this monstrosity.

You can see the Super Jeep in action in the video below.

Via Autoblog

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