Scientists wanted gas colder than Absolute Zero, so they made it

Anyone up on his high school physics might remember the concept of Absolute Zero. It's allegedly the coldest particles can become, because at that temperature, they cease to have any energy. Well, it turns out this theory isn't quite true, as scientists have created a gas colder than Absolute Zero.

Physicists at Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich and the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics in Garching created a gas that became colder than absolute zero. Aside from the obvious ice cream implications here, this could help scientists delve further into the mysteries of dark energy. The sub-Absolute Zero matter acts the way scientists predict dark matter acts, which would lead to a great deal more insight into the stuff that, you know, propels the entire universe.

In addition, it could lead to the creation of new matter, nothing to be scoffed at, at least in a laboratory setting. If nothing else, it disproves the theory set forth by Lord Kelvin (name sound familiar?) who put forth the theory that matter loses energy at Absolute Zero.

Via Mashable

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