Gallery: Photographer imagines a world full of hover cars

The Jetsons, Star Wars and Back to the Future promised us cars that would levitate and hover inches off the ground. So what happened? Well, due to the laws of physics, wheels just make more sense. But, what if hover cars did hover?

Photographer Renaud Marion's manipulated "Air Drive" photos portray what he thought cars would look like in the 2000s when he was a child.

Sure, anyone can take a picture of a car and photoshop its wheels off, but that would be missing the point. Marion's photos expose car design throughout the eras. Without wheels, our gaze focuses on the car body. Each car has a distinct design, a relic of its time. The same can't be said for today's sedans and SUVs that all sport a similar look. Would today's consumer cars without wheels look as sexy? We doubt it.

Renaud Marion, via Fubiz

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