Clever flashlight uses whatever batts you have lying around

Nobody ever needs a flashlight until they desperately need a flashlight, and the rest of the time, flashlights are little more than handy devices from which to cannibalize batteries for more immediate use. So when the apocalypse comes, you'll be scrambling to repower all your lights for zombie deterrence, and this clever model from Panasonic makes it easy.

Panasonic's BF-BM10 Any Battery Light does not look cool. It does not incorporate any fancy new features, and will not double as a back massager or clock radio. What it will do is let you stuff it with an AA, AAA, C, or D battery: in short, anything but a nine volt. You can even load it up with one of each, and cycle from one to the next as each runs out of juice, and with their powers combined you'll get 86 hours of constant light.


This is a stupendously good idea, because 95% of us don't plan ahead, and when we need a flashlight we're stuck scraping together whatever pathetically orphaned batteries we can find rolling around the bottom of the tool drawer. At least now, anything you manage pick up will work, and for just $24, the Any Battery Light seems like it's definitely worth having around. It'll be available later this month, starting in Japan.

Panasonic, via OhGizmo

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