New Year's Eve robbers hit Paris Apple store for over $1 million

In a brazen New Year's Eve operation reminiscent of the iconic heist film Ocean's Eleven, a group of thieves used the cover of the year-end celebration in Paris to hit an Apple store for one of the biggest computer hauls ever.

According to a report from the U.K.'s Daily Mail, corroborated by Reuters, the armed robbers struck the Apple store in central Paris around 9 P.M., just after the store had closed. Located behind the Paris Opera, the flagship location was likely not viewed as a potential target for such a bold move given the opulent nature of the area. According to Paris police, four masked individuals entered the store and made off with about $1.32 million in goods, primarily iPhones and iPads. The thieves, who according to police reports were incredibly well organized, escaped in a van waiting outside the store. However, before they got away, the group reportedly injured one of the workers.

A police spokesperson told reporters, "They were well prepared. As the majority of police were busy watching the Champs Elysees (for New Year's Eve celebrations), the robbers took advantage of this opportunity." Despite the million-dollar figure, Apple is said to still be in the process of assessing the exact value of what the bandits stole from the store. Paris police are currently scouring video footage of the area in an attempt to track down the robbers.

Daily Mail, via Reuters

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