Interactive map tracks New Year's resolutions around the world

There's a lot of pressure in January to set goals for the new year (and actually stick to them). Basically all of the statistics out there on resolutions confirm what we already know — it's really, really easy to get discouraged and give up on that plan to lose weight, get more organized, or learn a new language.

Joining other folks who have made their own resolutions might just encourage us to keep plugging away, right? Well, Google's here to help with a handy 2013 resolution map, so we can test this theory and maybe you can, too.

It's interactive and spans the whole globe, so you'll see resolutions of all different types from all over the place. Just hover over each dot on the map and a resolution will pop up for you to read. They're color-coded into various categories like, love, health, career, finance, family, education, "do good" (like volunteering) and other. So, if want to find out if other people are going to try to quit smoking in 2013, focus on the yellow dots and get inspired to do the same.

One person has vowed to do away with sweets and TV (that's pretty intense), while someone else has promised to get a puppy (more my speed). So, don't fret if your resolution isn't terribly hard core — just check out Google's interactive map for more 2013 resolutions from around the world. Also, take a peek at the video below for a look at 2012 in review.

Google, via NBC News

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