Meet Vomiting Larry, the robot that barfs in the name of science

Most robots at least try to be cute and cuddly, but not Vomiting Larry. The robot is designed to projectile vomit up to 10 feet — all in the name of science of course.

Larry is used by scientists at a British lab studying noroviruses to help get a handle on how a norovirus sufferer can spread it to other unsuspecting people standing nearby. They have found that during projectile vomiting, tiny particles containing the virus become aerosolized, allowing them to infect people up to 10 feet away.

Norovirus infection is a bit like the common cold in that it only lasts a few days and has proven particularly difficult to eradicate. Check out the BBC video where all is explained in more detail. You can see Vomiting Larry in action at around the 2 minute and 42 second mark.

BBC News, via Popsci

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