Gallery: Long exposure photos of fireworks ring in the New Year

Happy 2013! And, soon, happy Australia Day, which will be a lot more relevant once you learn about these gorgeous shots.

Australia Day is the official national day of Australia and the largest annual public event in the country. It is celebrated every year on January 26 with all kinds of festivities like cookouts and fireworks. Professional astronomer Galaxy_of_Emptiness added these images to Flickr from last year's Australia Day and they showcase just how pretty long exposure photography can get.

The photos were taken in Perth, Australia across the Swan River next to the Mends Street Jetty. We expect Galaxy_of_Emptiness to be perched at the same spot later this month for the 2013 celebration of Australia Day. And since the fireworks are so wonderfully festive, we thought they'd be a nice way to celebrate the New Year, too. Enjoy the gallery of long exposure shots below.

Galaxy_of_Emptiness on Flickr, via My Modern Met

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