Lenovo unveils 27-inch touchscreen, table-top PC

Enough with the concept devices and prototype models, Lenovo has decided to push past the competition tiptoeing into the next phase of touch computing by introducing its own touchscreen Table PC.

Unveiled at this week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the device is called the Ideacentre Horizon and offers a consumer-ready, 27-inch touchscreen table-top computer running Windows 8. Because the computer has a multi-user, multi-touch display, it can be used on any flat surface for group game play or presentations. However, the Horizon can also be propped up for use as a traditional desktop computer, complete with an embedded Web camera for video chats, Dolby speakers, and a screen powered by NVIDIA GeForce graphics.

Admittedly, in the video demonstration, the device looks pretty heavy if you plan on moving it from room to room, but as a stationary solution, it's pretty irresistible. And for the gadget fiends who prefer everything super-sized, the company has another version of the Horizon in development that will offer a 39-inch screen, code-named "Gamma."

Lenovo plans to sell the 27-inch model this summer for $1,699. In the meantime, you can see the Horizon in action the video below.

Via Lenovo

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