Leaping off: Asus and Leap Motion tie knot for laptops, all-in-ones

A gesture-filled Windows 8 experience is headed your way before we ring in 2014. Asus, seeking an advantage for its high-end laptops and desktops, has inked a deal with Leap Motion. The Taiwanese giant and the Californian start-up have already begun integrating Leap's gesture-based sensor system into PCs.

Leap told The Verge that the company is working at full capacity to meet orders for Asus, developers and consumers who pre-ordered the device. Leap also hinted that deals with other manufacturers were in the works. That's great news for Leap, but it potentially erodes the advantage Asus is seeking to add to its line of Zenbooks and ET series of computers.

The dark horse of the story is actually Microsoft. After building a slightly modified Kinect and a development suite for Windows 7, Redmond has been conspicuously quiet about its future plans for the technology. Rumors point to a revamped Kinect to be debuted alongside the next-generation Xbox at this year's E3, but no one knows whether the Kinect will be making a bigger splash on Windows. If not, Leap could eat Microsoft's lunch on its own turf.

Via The Verge

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