Kinetic footpath uses pedestrian power to generate electricity

Green energy solutions range from the outlandishly impractical to the simple and effective. But the best ideas for new green energy solutions will likely come in the form of passive technologies that don't require the public to drastically change their lifestyles. An inventor from the U.K. is working with just such an idea.

Developed by Laurence Kemball-Cook, the Pavegen system converts kinetic energy from footsteps into usable electrical energy. And rather than requiring any direct action from an individual, the system is designed to harness the passive footfalls of pedestrians to generate its power. The company envisions the system as a way to power everything from street lights, to advertising signage.

Currently, the company is engaged in a campaign to broaden its exposure amongst school children via a series of demonstrations and educational sessions throughout the U.K. You can see the Pavegen system in action in the video below.

Via Designboom

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