Infographic: Tomorrow's World: A Guide to the Next 150 years

Every new year we see countless articles about what is predicted to happen in the year to come. What will happen in medicine and technology? What trends will take over? BBC Future decided to take that concept a bit further and make some predictions for the next 150 years.

The bold predictions about life 150 years into our future were compiled by a variety of scientists, journalists, bloggers and other experts in various fields.

Wondering when your computer will develop a sense of smell or when bionic eyes will go on sale? This infographic has predictions for just about every aspect of life — some believable and some we may not want to believe.

Just to throw a bit more fun into the mix, the folks at BBC Future asked British betting firm Ladbrokes to give their odds on the predictions coming true.

How many of these predictions can you see in your future, and do you agree with the odds? Even if only a few of the predictions come true, the future looks like it will be an interesting place.

Via BBC Future

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