Gallery: The hovercraft of the future

Hovercraft don't need to look cool to be cool — we let it slide since they can travel on land and in water. But, this hovercraft from has it all: a beautiful Bugatti-esque appearance along with the ability to travel on land and in water. Although it's still just a concept, there are plans to realize the design.

You can tell from the video below that this hovercraft is a labor of love for Mercier-Jones co-founders, cousins Michael Mercier and Chris Jones. The influence of modern sport, luxury and supercars is clear when you see this gorgeous hovercraft's agressive front end, side thrust ports and low profile hull. It also has an open cockpit design and side decks for added versatility. There's sport seating for two along with space for additional passengers on the side decks.

The hovercraft is made from carbon fiber and metal alloys and combines construction methods from the automobile, marine and aerospace industries. A gas engine powers three independent electric motors on the drive system and a battery pack can be used for a quick boost to performance.

You can learn more about the Mercier-Jones hovercraft in the video and gallery below. Want one of your own? Well, after a failed shot at crowdfunding, the brothers are soldiering on and accept donations directly, which would go toward your purchase of a hovercraft as early as summer of this year.

Indiegogo, via Mercier-Jones, via Gizmodo

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